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Installing home charging station in Ireland: all you need to know

The energy transition on Irish roads is booming… and that is just the beginning. A ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030 has been announced by the Government.

Electric cars – and therefore EV Charging points – are already flourishing in homes and streets across Ireland, accelerated by an interesting grant scheme. With a high proportion of home PV owners opting for plug-in vehicles, you are probably already receiving requests (and questions) from your customers to install home charging stations. Below is our advice to support you in providing them the best service.

What is the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant?

The Government as part of their Climate Action Bill will ban the purchase of petrol and diesel powered vehicles from 2030. Part of their many initiatives around EV ownership is the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant which provides grants for home charging points installed and has very simple and straight forward eligibility.

Under the scheme customers can get up to €600 towards purchase and installation of a charge point. Simply they just need to have an approved plug-in vehicle or for company vehicles have the exclusive use of the vehicle for the following 12 months. The EV owner needs to apply for the grant and have received a Letter of Offer prior to installation which needs to be within six months of the issue of the Letter of Offer. The Grant is then paid to the owner on submission of the required documentation after installation

Check out our guide below on how to claim!

If your customer lives in England, you can find details in our article here, or for Scotland, additional funding may be available from the Scottish Government via the Energy Saving Trust.

The SMA EV Charger is like the rest of the SMA range – flexible, top quality and designed to deliver reliability and great service, so it’s a great choice for both system owners and installers. Being flexible it easily integrates into new and existing PV systems, is compatible with all standard electric vehicles using the Type 2 cable, and it’s also a great option for customers who are thinking or planning to install PV in the future.

EV Charger Installer resources: all you need to know at your fingertips. 

> Sharpen your product knowledge by reviewing the product information page and product manual available right here.

> You’ll  need to be registered accordingly with Safe Electric Ireland. 

How do I claim the grant?

The grant needs to be applied for by the vehicle owner prior to installation, they can do so via this SEAI link.

Once you have received your Letter of Offer, you have six months to have the installation completed by a registered Electrician and then submit the required documentation, your grant will then be paid directly to you in approximately 6-8 weeks.

What’s needed to claim the grant?


✔️ Online application form

The customer needs to complete this online application:

✔️ Following application the customer will receive a Letter of Offer, once they have this, installation can commence and must be completed within six months. 

✔️ After installation you’ll need to supply the customer and Safe Electric Ireland with the Certificate Number 3.

Following Installation the customer will need to complete the payment request form, information required is:

✔️ Fully signed and completed Payment Request Form including bank account details

✔️ Copy of Certificate Number 3

✔️ Copy of Test Record sheet from Electrician

✔️ Copy of invoices

✔️ Vehicle Registration Certificate

✔️ For Company Vehicle applications a letter from the employer is required dated between the Application Approval date and Grant Expiry Date. Please use the following document as a template.

✔️ Photographs of the installed charge point and the EV showing vehicle registration plate.

✔️ Installer must send a fully completed copy of the Certificate Number 3 to Safe Electric Ireland.

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